solar powered blue flag safety signal lighting for railyards and railroads

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Blue Flag Protection

Enhance blue signal protection with reliable, low-maintenance lights that are shock-proof, waterproof, and built to withstand the harsh demands of the railyard for at least five years.

As outlined by the US Department of Transportation:

  • “Blue flag protection in the railroad industry provides safety to workers from the inadvertent movement of equipment on which they are working.”
  • “Blue signal means a clearly distinguishable blue flag by day…and a blue light at night.”



Learn more about the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the outlines for blue signal protection:

How We Help Our Customers

For decades, railroads across the US have used blue flags in their yards to alert trains of workers on or near the track. Since 2008, pairing a light with these markers has been the standard. A railyard in Des Moines found that the lights they were using to comply with these regulations constantly required bulb and battery replacements. After proving that the maintenance was far too time-consuming, they searched for a more efficient solution, which they found in our OL2A.

“I have seen and used a lot of blue lights, and Carmanah’s are top of the line. Their lights work flawlessly through heat, rain, and freezing cold weather. They also take a beating, being lifted, lowered, and sometimes dropped—but they never quit working. We use Carmanah’s lights at both ends of our service track protecting our derails, and they have been in service for over five years, trouble-free. They are my first choice in blue lights; one less item to worry about.”
– Brian Sinram, Union Pacific

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What's a Site Assessment?

When you decide to use our obstruction lights, our team is here to help. To start, we’ll review the compliance requirements with you to determine what products you need. Then, we’ll run a comprehensive site simulation of your project’s location to determine the correct product model, and we’ll even show you how to place our lights onsite with a complete lighting layout, if applicable for your project.

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Product for Railyards

Our OL2A is the most compact and long-lasting blue safety flag light on the market. Built with low maintenance in mind, it lasts 5+ years without worrying about any battery or bulb replacements.

work safe icon
Work Safe
Increase visibility and enhance safety where it matters most.
railroad tough icon
Railroad Tough
Built to endure years of heat, harsh weather, shock, and vibration.
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Save Time
One less thing on the checklist; no more looking for batteries or bulbs.

Learn More About Our Solar and Obstruction Technologies

Carmanah Obstruction provides robust low- and medium-intensity obstruction lighting that is designed for reliable, maintenance-free operation up to 5 years, with in-service life expectancy of 15–20 years. Our solutions help ensure the visibility of a variety of possible obstructions, including wind turbines, telecommunications towers, cranes, and more. We provide critical lighting, hazard marking, and power solutions to industrial customers in the toughest conditions around the world, including the US Coast Guard, NASA, military organizations, municipalities, and commercial operations.

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