low and medium intensity solar obstruction lighting for cranes

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choosing solar for crane obstruction lighting infographic
Learn more about choosing solar obstruction lights for your crane with our infographic

Carmanah solar LED lights offer easy-to-install solutions for crane lighting, ensuring safety at night for aircraft. Our quick, out-of-the-box setup allows for immediate use in any crane application.


Why Choose Our Crane Obstruction Lights?

  • Out-of-the-box setup for immediate use
  • FAA compliant lights available
  • Optional GPS synchronization available
  • Remote monitoring via GSM and Globalstar satellite networks available (secure one- or two-way data transmission)
  • Low maintenance
  • Leading 3-year warranty


How We Help Our Customers

Established in Maryland in the 1970s, United Crane and Rigging rents and sells crane and rigging equipment to clients across the northeast United States. It sought new solutions for obstruction lighting, a key aspect of the business that ensures equipment is safely and properly marked for aircraft. Installing an AC-powered light can take up valuable time, and maintenance can end up costing several hundred dollars. Plus, on jobs where the crane runs on a generator, the generator can only run during the day. Technicians would need to run power to the base of the crane to plug in the hardwired lights at night, or else they wouldn’t be compliant.

Our OL800 offered the FAA compliance United Crane and Rigging required, as well as the GPS synchronization he needed for simultaneous flashing. Despite previously trying other solar lighting company’s lights, they chose Carmanah because of the rugged design and the out-of-the-box setup.

“These lights have solved all my issues. This is the last obstruction light you’ll ever need—for an affordable price, at that.”
– Joe Mirabile, Lead Tower Crane Technician, United Crane and Rigging

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What's a Site Assessment?

When you decide to use our obstruction lights, our team is here to help. To start, we’ll review the compliance requirements with you to determine what products you need. Then, we’ll run a comprehensive site simulation of your project’s location to determine the correct product model, and we’ll even show you how to place our lights onsite with a complete lighting layout, if applicable for your project.

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Crane Lighting Products

We offer both low-intensity and medium-intensity lighting solutions for your crane. Ideal for temporary and permanent installations, our solar-powered, low-intensity lights are portable for easy transfer between job sites (the OL4 has an optional magnetic mounting kit makes redeployment even easier). Our long-lasting medium-intensity lights are available in AC and DC and are fully compliant to the FAA, ICAO, and Transport Canada.

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Learn More About Our Solar and Obstruction Technologies

Carmanah Obstruction provides robust low- and medium-intensity obstruction lighting that is designed for reliable, maintenance-free operation up to 5 years, with in-service life expectancy of 15–20 years. Our solutions help ensure the visibility of a variety of possible obstructions, including wind turbines, telecommunications towers, cranes, and more. We provide critical lighting, hazard marking, and power solutions to industrial customers in the toughest conditions around the world, including the US Coast Guard, NASA, military organizations, municipalities, and commercial operations.

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