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Tower lighting is subject to a wide range of temperatures and must be able to withstand environmental extremes. Carmanah products are field-tested to perform in conditions from desert heat to Arctic cold and are proven to withstand heavy impact. Installing quickly and easily with minimal technical expertise and no requirements for wiring, Carmanah lights reduce both initial and long-term costs. Learn more about our obstruction lights for towers.

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Finding a cost-effective obstruction light to accommodate moving parts and a wide variety of crane designs can pose a unique challenge.  Carmanah’s self-contained solar obstruction lights eliminate wiring and provide consistent, reliable lighting within a light-weight, easy-to-install package. Backed by a fully independent, industry-leading  solar charging engine, Carmanah lights provide the illumination needed to mark cranes throughout the calendar year in a wide variety of geographic locations. Learn more about our obstruction lights for cranes.

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Carmanah solar products provide an ideal solution for mobile or fixed barricade lighting. Our standalone, self-charging lights are easily deployed and re-deployed as requirements change. These portable, low-maintenance units reduce the planning and time required to maintain, charge and mobilize barricade lighting, and reduce handling by eliminating the need to transfer units to and from charging pods. Multiple products and mounting options available.

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Easily installed and moved, Carmanah solar lights offer maximum flexibility in the constantly changing environment typical of construction sites. Carmanah provides a range  of cost-effective and practical lighting solutions suitable for equipment marking, ground hazard marking, way-finding and traditional obstruction marking. Our products are vibration- and shock-proof, and resistant to power surges and electrical failure for predictable performance at tough industrial locations.

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The location of mining sites can make electrical grid-based solutions difficult to implement and fuel-powered generators expensive to operate and maintain. With their alternative and reliable power source, Carmanah solar-powered lights offer a cost-effective solution to help ensure operations continue safely and without interruption throughout the calendar year. Carmanah solar hazard marking and obstruction lighting solutions are designed to perform at nearly any location on earth. Read our mining brochure to learn more about our solutions for mining.

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Over 350,000 installations in 110 countries have made Carmanah’s products synonymous with excellence. Our products have led the industry in solar lighting technology over the past 10 years. Through innovative design and proprietary energy management systems, Carmanah’s product development team has created a reliable and sustainable lighting alternative for clients around the globe.
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