Carmanah has received ICAO certification for two additional solar obstruction lighting products. The OL10A and OL32, also marketed as the A703 and A704, have been certified to ICAO Type A and ICAO Type B standards for marking towers, cranes and other hazards to aerial navigation. With their rugged design and built-in solar panels, the OL10A and OL32 obstruction lighting products are unique in the obstruction lighting market. Designed to survive and perform in the harshest of environments, these Carmanah lights include no extraneous components, moving parts, cabling or external power source within a small, lightweight and fully self-contained housing.

Carmanah has ICAO certified obstruction lighting products for a range of obstruction marking lights including Type A and B low-intensity lights and ICAO Type C medium intensity lights. Carmanah obstruction lighting solutions also offer GSM communication options and visible and infrared lighting options.