New Medium-Intensity Lights Increase Options for Obstruction Marking

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Carmanah Obstruction now offers medium-intensity lighting, increasing the options for obstruction marking for several applications. Learn what’s new for your industry:

low and medium intensity solar and permanent obstruction lighting for wind turbines under constructionObstruction Lighting for Wind Turbines

In addition to our temporary solutions for wind turbines during construction, achieved with our OL800 models, we now offer permanent lighting solutions for wind farms. The OL370i is a medium-intensity obstruction light that meets FAA L-864 compliance. Two OL370i units may also be used together on one nacelle to meet FAA AC 70/7460-1L specifications for turbines with a rotor tip height between 500 and 700 feet.

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low and medium intensity solar obstruction lighting for towersObstruction Lighting for Towers

Our easy-to-install, reliable, and low maintenance obstruction lights can provide marking solutions for telecom towers, transmission towers, power lines, utility poles, and more. In addition to our existing OL4 and OL800 low-intensity solutions, we now offer two new medium intensity products suitable for a wider range of project specifications. The OL371 medium-intensity red obstruction lighting system meets regulations for FAA type A0/A1 structures, while our OL370d dual red/white medium-intensity obstruction lighting system meets regulations for FAA type E structures (200 to 700 feet).

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low and medium intensity solar obstruction lighting for met towersObstruction Lighting for MET Towers

Some states require or recommend lighting in their legislation for meteorological testing towers. For rural locations or areas off the grid, our low-intensity solar lighting solutions may be suitable for both permanent and temporary locations. For taller structures, we now offer AC-powered, medium-intensity solutions for FAA type A0/A1 and type E structures.

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low and medium intensity solar obstruction lighting for cranesObstruction Lighting for Cranes

Our low-intensity solar lighting is suitable for both permanent and temporary installations on cranes. Our new medium-intensity lighting is available in AC or DC for cranes requiring brighter options.

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Natural Resources Canada offers funding opportunities for renewable technology

In October 2017, the Canadian government earmarked $2.3 billion for the development, commercialization, and utilization of clean technologies. Open to mining companies, renewable and low-carbon technology providers, and remote communities across the country, the funding will help applicants integrate new initiatives for carbon reduction, helping reduce their reliance on fossil-fuel–based power.

Of this funding, $155 million over four years is earmarked for the Clean Growth in the Natural Resource Sectors Program, which will support clean technology research, development, and demonstration in mining, energy, and forestry.

“The program aims to advance emerging technologies toward commercial readiness, enabling natural resource operations to reduce their impacts on air, land, and water, enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs,” said Frank Des Rosiers, Assistant Deputy Minister of Innovation and Energy Technology with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), in an interview for the Energy and Mines World Congress.

The 2017 Energy and Mines World Congress was held last month in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with the theme “Decarbonizing the Mining Sector.” NRCan representatives spoke about the subject at the event, providing more details on this new program. Investments like this support the Green Mining Initiative, which includes programs focusing on improving energy efficiency in mining for climate change mitigation, Des Rosiers said. The new Clean Growth Program is currently open for Letter of Interest submissions, with an anticipated deadline of February 7, 2018.

In addition to the Clean Growth Program is Green Infrastructure Phase II, in which one of the five programs is the Clean Energy for Remote Communities Program (CERC). “The government has committed to reducing reliance on diesel fuel in Canada’s remote, Northern, and Indigenous communities and industrial sites by supporting a transition to more sustainable energy solutions,” Des Rosiers explained. Mining companies could apply for funding for innovative demonstrations, including using solar, tidal, wind, and other renewable technology for demand reduction. Requests for proposals will open again soon.


How to use Carmanah products for your funding application

Carmanah provides complete solar-powered solutions that could become part of these initiatives, including:

Mining sites are typically located where grid-based lighting solutions are difficult to implement, making reliance on expensive diesel generators all too common. Carmanah’s products offer cost-effective, reliable solutions for even the most challenging conditions. They are durable and portable for changing onsite needs, with no in-ground wiring or complex setup required.

Carmanah has a proven success record of supplying lighting solutions for mines in Canada, including the Teck Highland Valley Copper mine near Logan Lake, British Columbia, the Suncor Fort Hills oil sands in the Athabasca region of Alberta, and Syncrude oil sands in Alberta.

Download our mining brochure to learn more about solutions that can help your mining site reduce its dependency on generators, then head over to NRCan to learn if you qualify and how to submit your project for funding.

Railway Interchange 2017 – Indianapolis, IN

railway interchange banner

Event: Railway Interchange 2017

blue flag protection for railyardsLocation: Indiana Convention Center

Expo Dates: September 17–19

Expo Hours:

  • Sunday, September 17: 1–5 PM
  • Monday, September 18: 9:30 AM–6 PM
  • Tuesday, September 19: 8 AM–3 PM

Booth Number: 2337

About the Show:

Join us in Indianapolis for the Railway Interchange Expo, the largest expo of its kind in North America. We’ll be showing off our blue flag protection lights and offering a complimentary trial for attendees. (Psst: You can also get one by clicking here.)

Looking for more information? Check out our story on the OL2A on Progressive Railroading.

Sunstone’s IP CCTV System a novel use for Carmanah obstruction lights

Collage of photos of Sunstone IP CCTV system with Carmanah obstruction lightsSolar-powered innovation at its best

Think differently—that’s what Sunstone did to develop their newly patented Solar IP CCTV System (SICS), which allows customers to remotely monitor a site across a wireless network in a remote area via a solar-powered surveillance camera. The system is installed in extremely challenging locations that experience extreme temperatures and a highly corrosive atmosphere, requiring a rugged and robust design.

Since the SICS needs to be marked with crash barriers and warning lights to prevent accidental collisions with the system at night, Carmanah’s OL2A obstruction lights are a perfect fit. These lights are built tough to withstand the harsh environments the SICS might be deployed in—they can handle water, dust, and other extreme weather. Since they don’t require any power cables, they are easy to install and maintain. Long-life batteries and solar panels make them an efficient companion to the Solar IP CCTV System, especially in oil and gas fields.

“The solar lights were chosen because they would not be an additional electrical burden on the overall system, have proven to operate in very hostile environments, and the design is highly rugged,” says Simon Legrand, Director of Sunstone IP Systems Ltd. “The lights are very easy to install and operate, and the customer has been very impressed with the performance of the lights. We will continue to use these lights on future orders, as clearly Carmanah [is] the market leader in this area.”

Each SICS includes four OL2As, one for each corner, for easy visibility in the field.

View SICS brochure and watch installation video

Carmanah Marks Portugal Power Towers with OL800 Lights

tower in Portugal with OL800 obstruction lightsTuesday, January 26, 2016

Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CHM) distributor InfoControl has installed a large quantity of Carmanah solar-powered LED obstruction lights in Portugal. The Carmanah OL800 light has been successfully installed on 150 Portugal power towers, increasing safety by making the structures visible to air traffic.

The towers and corresponding power lines that cross over main roads and motorways within the country require marking by Portuguese law. The customer sought a solution with low installation costs that would function without grid connection, making solar the best option.

Solar LED obstruction lights are an ideal solution for telecom, communication, radio, transmission and meteorological towers. Carmanah’s lights are ICAO Low Intensity Type A & B and FAA L-810 compliant and are a reliable, cost effective, and easy to install aircraft hazard marking solution.

InfoControl, who has been a Carmanah distributor since 2007, has dedicated much time and effort educating customers on the benefits of using solar LED lights for obstruction applications. Many of Infocontrol’s tower customers had “previously used induction lights, which have many disadvantages including a short lifetime, vibration sensitivity and the obvious issue of not functioning if connection to the power line fails,” states Ricardo Figueiredo of InfoControl.

Carmanah’s solar LED lights are designed and tested to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, and other tough conditions expected in industrial applications. Carmanah solar lights are unaffected by power surges or grid failures, and have an expected lifetime of 5+ years.

The durability of Carmanah’s solar obstruction lights are proving to be the best replacement to previously used induction lights. The OL800’s quality and proven reliability continues to be the first choice of tower companies around the world.

Learn more about obstruction lighting for towers.


About InfoControl

InfoControl – Electronics and Automation, SA, founded in 1984, is dedicated to the commercialization of components and systems in the fields of industrial automation and buildings. Continuing education is important to InfoControl’s team, who offers education exclusively for the domestic market brands of international leaders in the various areas where activity develops.


About Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Carmanah produces a portfolio of products focused on energy optimized LED and solar technologies. We design, develop and distribute energy efficient LED solutions for infrastructure including: signaling systems for the marine aids to navigationairfield ground lightingoffshore wind markingaviation obstruction and traffic markets. Carmanah’s product portfolio also includes industrial and commercial solar powered outdoor LED lighting systems, and solar on and off-grid power generation systems.  Since 1996, we have earned a global reputation for delivering strong and effective products for industrial applications that perform reliably in some of the world’s harshest environments. Our LED and solar power systems provide durable, dependable, efficient and cost-effective solutions which have been deployed in over 400,000 installations in 110 countries. The Carmanah brand portfolio includes Go Power! and recently acquired companies, Sol and Sabik.


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Carmanah Solar Obstruction Lights Set New Record for Extreme Performance

At Meadowbank Mine, 70km north of Canada’s Arctic community of Baker Lake, winter temperatures can reach well below -36 °C  (-33 °F) and December days get as little as 4 hours of sunlight. Despite the harsh conditions, Carmanah’s 600 Series solar lights have performed reliably throughout the winter at the remote mining site. “The lights have worked perfectly all year long,” notes Mine Site IT Analyst Jerome Lamarre.  According to Lamarre, the coldest temperature this year reached -46 °C with a wind chill of -65 °C .

Graphic of map with a pin pointing to Meadowbank mine in Northern CanadaUntil recently, Meadowbank Mine has used a set of early generation Carmanah 601 lights operating in autonomous flash mode to mark hazards from dusk to dawn. With assistance from Canadian Carmanah distributor Land-Sea Power, Meadowbank has recently purchased an additional 12 A650 solar obstruction lights to use at the northern mine.

Meadowbank Mine opened in 2010 and is operated by Agnico-Eagle, a Canadian headquartered gold producer with operations located in Canada, Finland, Mexico and the United States.

Carmanah Solar Obstruction Lighting Solutions Receive ICAO Certification

Carmanah has received ICAO certification for two additional solar obstruction lighting products. The OL10A and OL32, also marketed as the A703 and A704, have been certified to ICAO Type A and ICAO Type B standards for marking towers, cranes and other hazards to aerial navigation. With their rugged design and built-in solar panels, the OL10A and OL32 obstruction lighting products are unique in the obstruction lighting market. Designed to survive and perform in the harshest of environments, these Carmanah lights include no extraneous components, moving parts, cabling or external power source within a small, lightweight and fully self-contained housing.

Carmanah has ICAO certified obstruction lighting products for a range of obstruction marking lights including Type A and B low-intensity lights and ICAO Type C medium intensity lights. Carmanah obstruction lighting solutions also offer GSM communication options and visible and infrared lighting options.

US Department of Defense Chooses A650 Obstruction Lights

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Carmanah a contract to supply solar powered obstruction lights to a major airfield in the Middle East. The A650 solar powered obstruction lights will increase safety for aircraft on the ground at the undisclosed forward operating base and will simultaneously support DoD energy reduction objectives in theater.

ol2a solar powered safety light color optionsInstallation of the obstruction lights is extremely quick and does not require trenching, wiring or disruptions in aviation operations. The obstruction lights are just one element of the Carmanah’s aviation airfield lighting suite which includes approach, runway and taxiway lights,  windcones, PAPI’s, approach lights and elevated Runway Guard Lights. Carmanah’s solar aviation products are ideal for permanent, portable and emergency airfields where there is no reliable electrical grid or where energy efficiency is a priority.


Carmanah Solar LED Obstruction Lights Feature Brighter LEDs

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

After a recent LED upgrade, Carmanah’s A704-5 solar LED obstruction light can now be deployed as a tower marking light in more locations throughout the world.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) publishes Annex 14 that governs lighting requirements for airfields and obstructions in the vicinity of airfields. ICAO Annex 14 spec, “ICAO Low Intensity Type A”, is for structures under 45 meters in height. ICAO Low Intensity Type A specifies “red, steady-burning lights that can produce 10 candela of intensity.”

New LEDs in Carmanah’s A704-5 solar LED obstruction light are now delivering a significantly higher candela output than before, allowing a red A704-5 to be set to AUTONOMOUS-MEDIUM and achieve a peak output of 16 candela. This improved photometric performance means that the red A704-5 will now meet ICAO Low Intensity Type A across a much wider latitude band, in locations such as Lisbon, Houston, Canberra, Tai Pei and Buenos Aires.

Available with visible light or with infrared output for tactical applications, Carmanah solar LED obstruction lights are an ideal solution for marking towers and airborne obstructions. Installable anywhere, the fully self-contained and self-powered lights require no maintenance for up to five years, and the rugged design and proven technology are field-proven to perform in the world’s harshest, most remote environments. Thousands of Carmanah solar LED obstruction lights are already lighting towers and airborne obstructions throughout the world, and sales are expected to grow as the cellular infrastructure expands globally.

For more information on Carmanah solar LED obstruction lights, please click here.

Carmanah Provides Tower Lights for Telecommunications Applications in Sri Lanka

Monday, October 20, 2008

Working through its authorized distributor in the region, Carmanah is shipping an additional 230 Model 702 solar-powered LED tower lights to Sri Lanka. As part of a larger order totaling approximately 700 lights, these units will help mark cellular telecommunications towers throughout the country.

Already widely used for similar telecommunication applications throughout the country, the Carmanah solar-powered LED tower lights were selected for this latest project based on several factors including the durability and reliability of this design, as well as their ease of installation and low maintenance costs.

As a completely self-contained unit, each solar-powered tower light can be installed in minutes with minimal technical expertise, and is designed to operate for up to five years with no scheduled maintenance. Shockproof, vibration-proof and watertight, Carmanah tower lights are industry proven to operate reliably under the harshest environmental conditions.

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