Network Connectivity with LightGuard

Graphic of LightGuard logo with icon of tower with an obstruction light at topCompleting maintenance checks has never been easier. Remotely track deployed lights, change the flash codes, and access onboard data with a monitored solar light from Carmanah. Carmanah’s LightGuard is an easy-to-use interface and email alert system that allows customers to complete preventative maintenance, maximizing the longevity of their lights and reducing overall maintenance costs.

This optional network connectivity feature is now available on Carmanah’s OL800 series with one- or two-way connectivity using a cellular GSM network or Globalstar’s advanced satellite network. Pair your OL800s with Carmanah’s remote monitoring solutions and take advantage of the features that both GSM and Globalstar have to offer.

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Centralized online monitoring via Lightguard
Optional third-party interface integration
Email alerts
Remote diagnostics (health, location, data trends, and anomalies)
Effective for resources deployed over wide territories
Two-way communication (for remote updating & configuration)
Covered by cellular network
Extended satellite coverage range


Data Interface

Carmanah Obstruction Lightguard remote monitoring data interface with cell phone and laptop computer


Solar LED Obstruction Light

Model: OL800

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solar-powered low intensity l-810 obstruction aircraft warning light for towers, wind turbines, and cranes