A quick look at basic OL2A programming using the Infrared Programmer

Ready to get started with your OL2A programming? In this video, we are going to learn how to program the Carmanah OL2A solar-powered obstruction light using the infrared programmer. Watch below, or keep scrolling to read the summary.

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Video overview

In this video, we are going to have a quick look at basic programming of the Carmanah OL2A, solar-powered obstruction light using the miniature infrared programmer.

The IR programmer is required to make programming changes to the OL2A. If you do not have an IR programmer, you can order one by contacting obstruction@carmanah.com.

Today we are going to use the mini programmer to:

  • Change the flash character
  • Check the battery health
  • Change the intensity

To communicate with the light or wake the light up, simply point the IR programmer in the direction of the light and push the power button. This step is required before any programming changes can be made. The light will respond with one quick flash to indicate that it is ready to receive further commands. Note: When you first attempt to wake up the light, hold the power button for two seconds to take the light out of IR sleep efficiency mode.

Now that the light is out of sleep mode, it will respond every time that we press the power button.

When the light accepts a key valid key sequence, it will flash in quick succession three times. If the programming attempt is unsuccessful, the light will flash twice slowly.

To change the flash character, simply press, power + the 3-digit flash character + the checkmark We will set our flash character to 055, 0.5 seconds on, 1.5 seconds off.

To check the battery health, press Power + 810 Checkmark or simply press the letter “i.”

  • Three flashes = good battery
  • Two flashes = the battery needs charging
  • One flash = the battery is a very low state-of-charge

To change the intensity, we will again follow the same key sequence, which is power + the 3-digit code + the check mark.

We will set our OL2A to 10 cd. So, we will push the power button + 610 + the checkmark. Note: When changing either the flash character or the intensity, please contact Carmanah for confirmation that the desired settings can be supported in your region. This will ensure reliable and sustainable operation.

For more information

Please reference the user manual for additional guidance on programming or contact obstruction@carmanah.com.

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