OL2A solar obstruction light still flashing after tractor-trailer runs it over at railyard



Our OL2A is built tough to withstand the harsh conditions of its many applications, from construction zones to mining sites. At a railyard in Pennsylvania, a customer recently received unexpected proof of our claims, when a tractor-trailer accidentally ran over a blue safety flag, crushing the blue OL2A safety light attached to it.


In railyards, the blue safety flag and blue light alert railroad operators that workers are on, under, or between railroad equipment. Many railroads select our blue solar lights because they last 5+ years with no battery change and can withstand dust, extreme heat, water, and other environmental hazards. Would the OL2A survive under the weight of a tractor-trailer?

Robert Freshley, Assistant Manager of Operations & Maintenance at the Pennsylvania railyard, reports that the flange mount was the only part of the light that was damaged, leaving the rest of the light completely intact and functioning. The premium grade polycarbonate body and lens were durable enough to withstand the pressure: the OL2A is MIL-STD-202G compliant for shock and vibration.

Damaged but still functioning OL2A solar blue flag light
Crews removed the OL2A solar blue flag light from the flag post to inspect the damage.

Carmanah’s Customer Support team quickly sent Freshley a replacement flange mount base.

“Thanks again for the new base, and for a product that actually lives up to its advertised capabilities,” says Freshley.

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The OL2A isn’t just resistant to tractor-trailers rolling over it. It is also dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures. We put it to the test in this video to prove it.

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