Monday, June 23, 2008

A cellular telecommunications provider in South America is equipping cell towers with Carmanah solar safety marking lights. With up to four miles of visibility, the Carmanah A704-5 obstruction lights will significantly improve the visibility of each tower within this remote location.

As a stand-alone solar-powered light source, the A704-5 marking light provides the ideal solution for locations with limited access to power. Integrated within a compact, durable casing, each solar-powered LED light installs easily with a simple but secure bolt-mounting system. With a five-year maintenance cycle, Carmanah solar marking lights can also reduce the time and costs involved in regular maintenance procedures.

Freedom from the electrical grid also means that Carmanah’s solar lights are immune to electrical grid outages and power surges, providing a safer and more reliable solution that hardwired alternatives cannot equal.

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