Carmanah Solar Obstruction Lighting Solutions Receive ICAO Certification

Carmanah has received ICAO certification for two additional solar obstruction lighting products. The OL10A and OL32, also marketed as the A703 and A704, have been certified to ICAO Type A and ICAO Type B standards for marking towers, cranes and other hazards to aerial navigation. With their rugged design and built-in solar panels, the OL10A and OL32 obstruction lighting products are unique in the obstruction lighting market. Designed to survive and perform in the harshest of environments, these Carmanah lights include no extraneous components, moving parts, cabling or external power source within a small, lightweight and fully self-contained housing.

Carmanah has ICAO certified obstruction lighting products for a range of obstruction marking lights including Type A and B low-intensity lights and ICAO Type C medium intensity lights. Carmanah obstruction lighting solutions also offer GSM communication options and visible and infrared lighting options.

US Department of Defense Chooses A650 Obstruction Lights

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Carmanah a contract to supply solar powered obstruction lights to a major airfield in the Middle East. The A650 solar powered obstruction lights will increase safety for aircraft on the ground at the undisclosed forward operating base and will simultaneously support DoD energy reduction objectives in theater.

ol2a solar powered safety light color optionsInstallation of the obstruction lights is extremely quick and does not require trenching, wiring or disruptions in aviation operations. The obstruction lights are just one element of the Carmanah’s aviation airfield lighting suite which includes approach, runway and taxiway lights,  windcones, PAPI’s, approach lights and elevated Runway Guard Lights. Carmanah’s solar aviation products are ideal for permanent, portable and emergency airfields where there is no reliable electrical grid or where energy efficiency is a priority.


Carmanah Receives Order for Perimeter Marking Lights from John F. Kennedy and La Guardia International Airports

Friday, September 16, 2005

Carmanah’s Aviation Lighting Division has received an additional order authorized from The Port Authority of New York to install 103 units of its Model A601 solar-powered LED red obstruction lights. These units will be installed at John F. Kennedy and La Guardia International Airports in New York along a perimeter fence line.

John F. Kennedy Airport is New York’s international hub and one of the largest airports in the world with approximately 30,000 flights monthly. La Guardia Airport is New York’s main domestic airport and sees approximately 9,000 flights per month. For safety and security reasons at these airports, obstruction lights are required every 150 feet along perimeter fencing. As it would be expensive to run traditional power and conduit around the entire airfield, the Port Authority looked to Carmanah for a possible solar-powered LED lighting solution.

After testing Carmanah’s A601 lights 10 months ago, the Port Authority concluded the solar-powered LED lights were ideal. The lights are completely integrated, self-contained, waterproof, and compact. They offer high performance and are field-proven to provide reliable dusk-to-dawn operation with no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years.

In addition to this order for A601 perimeter marking lights, the John F. Kennedy Airport had also previously ordered 300 of Carmanah’s Model A501 barricade lights.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED technology is proving to be a valuable addition to commercial and general aviation airports worldwide. It enables airports and airfields to increase safety without the additional high costs of grid power infrastructure. The systems are quick and inexpensive to install and there are no ongoing costs for electricity or maintenance.

With more than 150,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah is a leader in solar-powered LED lighting solutions. For more information about the Company’s unique airfield lighting products, please contact us.

Milan International Installs Carmanah Obstruction Lights

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Milan International Airport (Italy) has ordered the Carmanah Model 601 units for permanent airfield obstruction lighting. This marks Carmanah’s first Western Europe installation at an international airport for permanent airfield lighting. The Carmanah aviation lights will help light areas of the airport where power is inaccessible or economically unfeasible. With no power requirements and maintenance over the next 5-8 years, Milan International Airport will benefit from the low cost of solar-powered LED lighting while improving the lighting infrastructure.