Carmanah Lights Installed in Downtown Baghdad, Iraq

Monday, February 2, 2004

The US Army has recently purchased 47 Carmanah Model 601 solar LED lights for perimeter obstruction lighting of downtown buildings and telecommunication towers in the city of Baghdad, Iraq.

To be installed by Pro Tower Inc., the Carmanah obstruction lights will aid in the identification of low lying infrastructure that could be in the flight path of US Army Black Hawk Helicopters pilots who routinely rely on Night Vision Goggles for increased safety.

The unwanted risk of wire strike and exceptionally dark, low contrast conditions create necessary concern in high-density areas of wires and towers throughout the city of Baghdad. To add to these challenging flight conditions, virtually all of Baghdad’s possible obstructions are unlit and painted in sandy colors that are difficult to isolate. The installation of Carmanah’s lights will counteract this problem.

With no additional infrastructure necessary for the operation of the Carmanah lights, Pro Tower Inc. will benefit significantly from the elimination of power, cabling and technical expertise. Feedback from initial testing of the Carmanah Model 601 has left the Army stating that the Carmanah lights “appear to be an excellent product with the 601 being adequate for nearly all lighting conditions that we (US Army) will require.”