Monday, November 29, 2004

Carmanah is pleased to report that its Model 702 Solar-Powered LED obstruction lights are currently being deployed as part of a significant telecommunications project in Sri Lanka. Through a contract with one of the largest telecommunications and information technology companies in the country, Carmanah’s obstruction lights are being used for nighttime identification of telecommunications towers at various sites nationwide.

The end user is the largest of four cellular providers in Sri Lanka; it has more than 1,000,000 subscribers, which is significant considering that Sri Lanka has less than 2,000,000 telephones in total, including fixed phones. The company currently has 300 base stations, and is planning to complete 200 more base stations within the next 6 months. Carmanah’s solar-powered LED technology will be used as aircraft warning lights on towers at these stations. The towers range in height from 65 metres to 100 metres, and each tower is a vital link in the country’s communication system. Srijith de Silva of Power Management Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Carmanah’s Authorized Reseller in Sri Lanka, will also be involved with the installation.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED tower obstruction lights were chosen because of their unparalleled cost-effectiveness, as compared to conventional DC powered lighting systems that use expensive cabling. Carmanah’s proven self-contained obstruction lights will provide an extended lifecycle period of maintenance-free service. In addition, Carmanah’s lights will be unaffected by the lightning-based power surges common in the region, which typically enter the equipment cabin through the power supply and damage the conventional-type warning lights.

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