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Wondering what you’ll get when you order our lights? In this video, we are going to have a quick look at the Carmanah OL2A solar-powered obstruction light. Watch below, or keep scrolling to read the summary.

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In the box, you will find the light and a user manual. If you do not have a user manual, you can find an electronic version on our website. Click here to download a copy of the OL2A user manual.

The OL2A comes in three basic configurations: a flange version with external ON/OFF switch, a flange version with no external switch, and a pole mount version. Note: the pole mount version is not available with an external switch.

The OL2A comes from the factory with the batteries installed and is preprogrammed and ready to operate. Carmanah also sells a miniature infrared programmer for adjusting product settings. Note: the IR programmer is not required unless you want to change the product settings.

To operate the switched version, set the switch to ON and mount the product in the desired location. To operate the non-switched models, simply mount the product in place and when night comes, the product will automatically turn on at the preprogrammed settings. Note: the OL2A has advanced day/night detection. It can take up to 1 minute for the product to determine that it is day or night; this prevents the light from making false transitions.

If you are planning on storing the product in the box after the initial inspection, ensure that the switch is in the OFF mode. For the non-switched model, ensure that the light has been turned off via the IR remote. The product does have an automatic shutdown feature, but for optimal battery health, we recommend storing the product in the OFF state.

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