Monday, June 19, 2006

Carmanah has received an order from the DOD operations in the Middle East region for a number of units of its newly unveiled A704-5 wireless dual-mode obstruction light. The lights will support covert and overt operations as warning lights on top of portable communications towers.

The portable towers are used in communication control of foreign airspace and required wirelessly-controlled obstruction lights with both visible and infrared output. In addition, as there is no access to conventional power and it is extremely difficult (and dangerous) to replace batteries and bulbs during covert or overt operations, Carmanah’s solar-powered dual LED mode A704-5 are the perfect lighting solution.

About the Model A704-5 Solar-Powered LED Airfield Light

Carmanah’s Model A704-5 is the world’s most advanced solar-powered LED airfield lighting solution for permanent, temporary and emergency airfield applications. As the latest generation in Carmanah’s line of aviation lighting fixtures, the Model A704-5 offers a range of new features and capabilities:

  • Improved performance and functionality for permanent, portable and emergency airfield lighting applications
  • Revolutionary new lens design with unprecedented efficiency, increased vertical divergence and improved performance
  • Optional wireless control of any number of A704-5 fixtures from the ground or the air (pilot-activated lighting) using 256-bit encrypted 900 MHz RF signal
    • Control range of up to 2.5 miles (4 kilometers)
    • Handheld wireless controller also features serial interface external connector for VHF receiver for longer range communications
    • Groups of lights can be created and each group controlled independently (for multiple runway/taxiway applications)
  • Integrated push-button manual switch for quick, hands-on control of critical lighting functions and diagnostics
  • LED output capable of meeting FAA and ICAO lighting standards
  • Can be programmed to switch between visible or infrared LED light output (optional feature for defense applications)
  • User-controlled night or day operation (ie: foggy or low-visibility conditions)
  • External power capability (military-spec connector)
    • Enables AC/DC charging capability for long-term storage and trailer transport situations
    • Enables AC/DC continuous operating capabilities for extreme weather conditions and/or poor solar environments
    • Enables the connection of external solar panels for regions with poor solar conditions or when brighter LED output is required
  • Proprietary MICROSOURCE® technology now includes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for more efficient solar charging
  • More powerful battery system enabling up to 600 hours of operating autonomy without additional charging
  • New integrated carry handle for easy transport
  • Can now be ordered in aviation yellow (civilian applications) or olive drab green (defense applications)

For more information about the A704-5 or Carmanah’s other unique solar-powered LED airfield lighting solutions, please contact us.

About Carmanah Technologies Corporation

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