Solar Products

Carmanah solar-powered LED hazard and obstruction marking lights are field-proven to be durable and reliable in the harshest environments in the world: from extreme desert heat to arctic cold. They provide reliable, long-lasting light performance and battery service life, even in poor weather conditions. A cableless, out-of-the-box solution, our solar lights install in minutes and perform maintenance-free for up to five years, with a service life of up to 12 years.

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solar-powered safety light for rail yards, construction zones, and more
Solar-powered obstruction warning lights designed for heavy duty environments such as mines, construction zones, railyards, and other high-impact applications.
OL2A Solar Safety Light
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solar-powered durable hazard marker
The OL4 is a lightweight, high-performance hazard marker with superior solar energy management.
OL4 Solar Hazard Marker
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solar-powered low intensity l-810 obstruction aircraft warning light for towers, wind turbines, and cranes
ICAO and FAA L-810 compliant. Easy to install, industrial grade, no electrical wires, water-proof, dust-proof.
OL800 Low Intensity Solar Obstruction Light
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AC and DC Products

Our medium-intensity lights are durable, long-lasting lighting solutions. Fully compliant with FAA, ICAO, CAR, DGAC, and other regulations, they provide reliable medium-intensity light for towers, cranes, wind turbines, and more, with a leading 5-year warranty.

ol370d medium intensity obstruction lighting system product hero shot
Ideal for FAA E-type towers between 200' and 700'. Dual medium intensity obstruction lighting system from Carmanah Obstruction.
OL370d Medium Intensity Dual Obstruction Light
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ol370i medium intensity obstruction lighting system product hero shot
Permanent wind turbine obstruction lighting, the OL370i LED lighting system by Carmanah Obstruction is low maintenance and easy to install.
OL370i Medium Intensity Wind Turbine Obstruction Light
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ol370w medium intensity obstruction lighting system product hero shot
White obstruction lighting for FAA D-Type towers, the OL370w by Carmanah Obstruction is configurable to meet both AC 70/7460-1K and 1L.
OL370w Medium Intensity White Obstruction Light
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ol371 medium intensity obstruction lighting system product hero shot
Red medium intensity lighting systems by Carmanah Obstruction, ideal for FAA type A0/A1 structures.
OL371 Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting System
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When you decide to use our obstruction lights, our team is here to help you get exactly what you need. To start, we’ll review the compliance requirements with you to determine what products you need. Then, we’ll run a comprehensive site simulation of your project’s location to determine the correct product model, and we’ll even show you how to place our lights onsite with a complete lighting layout, if applicable for your project.

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Learn about our Solar and Obstruction Technologies

Carmanah Obstruction provides robust low- and medium-intensity obstruction lighting that is designed for reliable, maintenance-free operation up to 5 years, with in-service life expectancy of 15–20 years. Our solutions help ensure the visibility of a variety of possible obstructions, including wind turbines, telecommunications towers, cranes, and more. We provide critical lighting, hazard marking, and power solutions to industrial customers in the toughest conditions around the world, including the US Coast Guard, NASA, military organizations, municipalities, and commercial operations.

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